If you wish to help any candidate or our general election effort, please write to us and let us know where you are and how much time you can offer. We support our candidates as much as possible, you can help by donating to individual candidates.

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Announced Candidates for 2018 Elections

Name Office District Web Site
Jilletta J Jarvis Governor Candidate Website

Facebook Page

  Chris Hemmah Executive Council District 4
  Brian Chabot Executive Council District 5
  Dylan Robinson  US Congress District 1 Facebook Page
  Justin O’Donnell US Congress District 2 Candidate Webpage

Facebook Page

Joe Aldrich US Congress District 2
  Ian Freeman State Senate District 10
Barry Ellis State Senate District 13
  Joseph LaChance State Senate District 16
Nick Ray State Rep Cheshire 9
Darryl W. Perry State Rep Cheshire 16 Candidate Website
Lisa Wilber State Rep Hillsborough 2 Facebook Page
Spencer Dias State Rep Hillsborough 7 Candidate Website

Facebook Page

  Caleb Q. Dyer State Rep Hillsborough 37 Candidate Website
Forrest Osterman State Rep Rockingham 20
Michael J Baldassarre, Esquire State Rep Rockingham 21
Erik Granger State Rep Strafford 10
  Justin Keenan State Rep Strafford 11 Facebook Page
  Robert Stacy II State Rep Strafford 12

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