LPNH Condemns Cuban Government for Arresting Libertarian Activists

The Libertarian Party of New Hampshire answers the call from the Libertarian Party of Nevada in the condemnation of the Cuban government for arresting libertarian activists.   LPNH Chair Darryl W. Perry stated “I’d like to thank LP Nevada for taking the lead on this issue, and encouraging other state LP affiliates to join in on the condemnation of the Cuban government’s arrest of two libertarian activists and in calling for their immediate release.” An article from Mises.org talks in more detail regarding the ongoing situation in which human rights activists, were arrested. “I’m pleased the LP New

State Representative Caleb Dyer Converts to Libertarian Party

PRESS CONFERENCE INFORMATION: Thursday, February 9, 2017, 9:00am, in the press area in the Legislative Office Building at the Capitol Speakers: Representative Caleb Dyer, Arvin Vohra (National Libertarian Party Vice Chairman), Darryl W. Perry (Libertarian Party of New Hampshire Chairman) Thursday, February 9, 2017 State Representative Caleb Dyer Converts to Libertarian Party Concord, NH – February 9, 2017 – The Libertarian Party of New Hampshire (LPNH) welcomed State Representative Caleb Dyer as a new party member after Dyer recently changed his party affiliation from Republican to Libertarian. A freshman representative, Dyer became the first NH Libertarian State Representative in more

LPNH EC Passes Resolution Regarding Eminent Domain and the Northern Pass

Be it known that NH RSA 674:11 dictates that any change to structures in the must be agreed to by a municipality planning board after a public hearing regarding the proposal. Or decided upon by a majority of legal voters in said municipality. And whereas Utilities are specifically mentioned as part of this under RSA 674:2 (g)  And whereas 674:30 (II) on Utility Structures specifically states that utility structures erected that affect the character of the area must go before the public in a hearing. The Libertarian Party of New Hampshire Executive Committee believes it should ultimately be up to